How Channel Partners Can Remain Profitable in Today’s Cloud World

Over the past decade or so, mobility has become king in our world. Keeping up with the fast-paced hustle and bustle of the communications world can be a challenge for channel partners who used to have a cut and dry path to the finish line. Gone are the days where clients bought large pieces of equipment with paired software, installation services, and other recurring solutions.

Channel partners are now trying to make gains with cloud services. This feat is difficult due to the lack of expensive physical equipment incorporated with cloud services. This offers much lower margins to channel partners. But one positive aspect about this switch is that most end-users are huge advocates for a cloud-based solution.

Switching To Cloud

While switching your focus to a cloud-based business, channel partners need to keep their customers in mind. Knowing the ins and outs of their customers’ industries can help channel partners add value to their cloud-based solutions. When a channel partner can explain why end users need certain functionality and features, they are more likely to be successful.

Understanding clients is a crucial part of remaining competitive. As cloud-based solutions gain ground, it becomes “easier” to sell due to the lack of need to stock a lot of inventory. This means more and more channel partners are becoming active. When channel partners focus on their clients and their client’s needs, they can stand out amongst the crowd as an industry leader.

Why the Change?

While the increase in cloud-based solutions has steadily grown over the past 10 years, the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 really boosted the need for mobility. When end users sent their employees home, they needed to offer their remote workers a way to access business assets without actually coming into the office. Cloud-based solutions were the answer to this dilemma.

Smart channel partners are now able to show the value of continuing on with cloud-based solutions now that workers are headed back to the office.

Channel Partner Considerations

There are many steps and considerations channel partners can take to prepare their business for a cloud-based business.

A Great Vendor

One of the most important aspects of a channel partner’s business is the vendor they work with. A great vendor will have flexibility when it comes to their programs and financial models. These vendors should also put a high value on their partners and work to create great relationships with these partners.

Be aware that there are some vendors that are taking control of channel partner’s customers. This could have a negative effect on relationships between customers and channel partners. On the other hand, these vendors are taking much more responsibility when it comes to day-to-day services provided.

A Reliable Product

The right cloud-based solution should be backed with geo-redundancy and a good SLA. It should also play well with other solutions and be flexible when it comes to device usage.

A Knowledgeable Staff

It is important for channel partners to not only receive great service from their vendors but also offer end-users great service as well. Employees should be trained regularly on services provided and any updates as they roll out.

Product Variability

A channel partner can also remain competitive by offering a variety of products. Continuing with physical, hard-wired equipment could help land new customers who are used to a traditional solution. Hybrid models combine the traditional and cloud-based models and can be beneficial for channel partners to offer.

Yabbit Supports Channel Partners

Yabbit is ready and waiting to add you as our channel partner. Our cloud-based solution is packed full of all the features end-users want and crave. Our ultimate goal is to help you build long-term relationships with your customers through reliability and flexibility.

We want you to be successful, so we are ready and waiting to help you out at a moment’s notice. Contact us today to start a great partnership with all the support you need to build a successful business.

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