Yabbit Plays Well with Others – The Importance of Integration

As you look for platforms to offer your clients, you need to take into consideration the platform’s integration capability and useability. It is great to offer your clients a variety of platforms, but if they are all subpar in performance, your clients will be unhappy with the result. This could result in poor customer relations, and lost business.

The best way to combat lost clients due to inferior quality products is to find an excellent product or platform to offer to your customers. That is where companies like Yabbit come in! We offer cloud-based solutions that are sure to please your pickiest of clients with our flexibility to make our product work for you!

Integrations For Customization

When choosing vendors to work with, it is important to consider application integrations. Integrations are what connects systems and applications. This is extremely important for cloud-based solutions. When incorporating innovative technologies, your old systems need to work seamlessly with your new systems.

Integrations are a way to increase productivity by automating business processes and connecting apps. Integrations involve using APIs, which allow information from one app on your software system seamlessly flow into another application. In fact, according to Forbes, “65% of organizations prefer to deploy data integration solutions from cloud platforms or hybrid cloud.”

Importance of Integrations

Integrations are important for end-users. They increase the functionality of end-user systems. With proper integration, your client’s platforms can complete tasks new to them. This includes things like automation, improved and more use of the Internet of Things, and better business functions as a whole.

Integrations not only affect one aspect of a business, but the business as a whole. From customer service to day-to-day business dealings, a platform that integrates well will have a positive impact all around.

Importance of Usability

Now that we know how important integrations are, you could be thinking that is all you need for a successful platform. However, if the platform is not user-friendly and useful, all the functionality of integrations could go to waste.

In terms of usefulness, unified communications can cover everything in your business communications from voice, video, and call centers all the way to messaging. This is wonderful because cloud communications also have a mobility feature that allows employees to work from anywhere. This supports in-office, remote and hybrid work models.

Again, all the uses of a unified communications platform are excellent features to have. However, they need to be simple to use. If your end users can not figure out how to work with the platform, they will stop using it and go back to their old system or find another provider to work with.

That is why you want to offer a platform that has all the functions end users need to run a successful business that has a user-friendly interface. Not only does your main IT person need to understand how to use the platform, but every employee that uses communications.

Your client’s customer service people need to be able to quickly access information needed to assist their customers. The owners need to be able to set call rules without much hassle. Additionally, your customers need to be familiar with how to set up their platform for their employees to go mobile and have remote access to their platform either through mobile apps or softphones.

The Importance of Playing Well with Others

Some solutions out there force you to use only their specific add-ons, integrations, and devices. This is great for them, but not for you or your customers who desire customization.

Yabbit takes the needs of you and your customers to heart, and we work with you to help you create a platform that performs how you need it to! Fit the needs of any size customer base, no matter the budget, so that your reach can go further with the Yabbit Platform!

Our platform has the features and functionality your clients are looking for and it works with all major devices. So what are you waiting for? Let’s yabber together! Contact us today to further discuss our platform and how it can improve your business offerings.

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