5 Tips for Selling VoIP Services

There’s no question about it – sales can be a tricky business. But don’t worry about it, we will discuss some of our tips for selling on this blog. If you’re building a team from the ground up, you’re often unsure how to start. If you’ve been running a team for years, you often fall into plateaus and ruts where the revenue just isn’t there like it used to be. No matter where you are on your sales journey, the team at Yabbit can help you out!  

While we don’t know what market you might be selling to, we do know a bit about sales. We’ve gotten together a few of our favorite tips & tricks to help you start – or jumpstart – your sales efforts around VoIP services. So, let’s jump right in! 


1. Tips for Selling: Ask Insightful Questions  

We’ve all been on the receiving end of a sales barrage. A person yammering away about their product, reciting their prepared spiel about how it will save you money and time and maybe even get you to the moon. How’d that make us feel? Probably less inclined to buy whatever they’re selling, if we’re honest. 

Which is why your sales team should prioritize asking questions – especially in exploratory calls. Instead of listing off a bunch of features the person may not need, ask them about their current solution.  

  • Are they happy with the products they’re using? 
  • What have they enjoyed the most/the least about the products? 
  • How would they like to improve the service?  
  • Do they see themselves using the service as they grow over the next five years?  


Asking these kinds of questions will lead prospective customers to reflect on their current service. Does it fit their needs? Were there any major service-impacting outages? And the more they question their product, the more they might begin to realize their current provider isn’t a great fit – leading them to give your sales rep a call. 


2. Tips for Selling: Offer a Whole “Genre” of Services 

Many providers make the mistake of limiting themselves to just one or two communications offerings. Like a hosted PBX platform with contact center features. But that’s not enough to differentiate yourself in this increasingly competitive market. Customers don’t want a different provider for every communications service. They want one provider for their communications needs, from phone systems to video conferencing to contact center software. 

So be that one-stop-shop! Be the provider that offers as many communications offerings as you can. Not only does this give you more streams of revenue, but it also gives you the chance to mix and match unique bundles based on what a particular industry needs. Plus, you won’t have to worry about partnering with other MSPs who might start trying to poach your clients. 


3. Tips for Selling: Make it Easy for Your Clients to Grow 

Another mistake providers make, often by accident, is making their offerings difficult to scale. Instead of allowing their clients to add the seats, sessions, and users they need when they need them, companies require their clients to purchase a whole new package. Now clients have more seats/users/sessions, but they also are paying for features they may not need, integrations they won’t use, and other add-ons that are included in the new package. 

Rather than dividing your features into various packages, consider charging per seat/user/session. That way, your clients can easily scale up or down based on their needs and pay for the features and functions they actually use. This kind of flexibility saves them time and money – an excellent selling point when you’re going up against the competition. 


4. Tips for Selling: Know Your Offering Backwards and Forwards 

One of the hallmarks of some bigger brands is their lack of immediacy. When clients call they’re either put on hold for half an hour or more, sent through a confusing IVR menu, or transferred multiple times to multiple people in multiple departments. And the worst part? At the end of all that stress, they may not get a satisfactory answer to their questions or issues!  

Don’t be that kind of provider. Train your CX team until they’re experts on the product. Make sure they’re accessible to your clients as often as possible and have the power to address and solve any problems they might have. Not only will this improve your current customer retention, it will also draw new customers into the fold. After all, who doesn’t want fast, personal, expert service? 


5. Tips for Selling: Partner with the Right Provider 

This one should be a no-brainer. In order to sell well, you’ve got to partner with someone who not only has a top-tier system, but also will let you have the control you need to sell it well. This includes not only a full feature library and cutting-edge functionality, but also an excellent administrator portal where you can manage your customers’ platforms, draft and send quotes, track bills, etc. 

Oh, and let’s not forget about margins. Some providers want you to believe 30% margin rates are “better than average,” and “good for MSPs who are just starting out.” That’s absolutely false. There are hundreds of providers – Yabbit included – that have allowed customers to grow their margin percentages to 70% and beyond! So don’t settle for less. 


Get All This – and More – By Partnering with Yabbit 

At Yabbit, we’ve got one goal: to see our customers succeed! Which is why we’ve put together these tips for selling and a comprehensive UCaaS platform that’s easy to set up, easy to use, and even easier to sell. Why? Because it’s got everything you need, and everything your clients want. But don’t take our word for it – read some of our customer ratings (they can’t stop yabbering about us) or just see it for yourself by scheduling your free demonstration with one of our experts! There’s always room for one more down the rabbit hole. 

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