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Why Yabbit/Xima CCaaS

Businesses are looking for ways to leave their heritage PBX technology behind and take full advantage of the flexibility, technology, and promise of the cloud. A clear and easy path should be available for customers to consider.

Contact center call reporting analytics and real-time reporting (wallboards or visual management). Xima’s Cloud Contact Center (CCaaS) solves all these problems. YABBIT has inherent built-in Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), however for more extensive contact center call routing (no skills-based routing), call reporting analytics, queue call-back, and real time wallboards (which are adequate)

In most cases, you will need to consider an out-of-the-box (3rd party) Contact Center solution. Current choices in the market are Enterprise-grade and very expensive (ranging from $110 per agent/mo to $150 per agent/mo). XimaCCaaS provides the level of customization and flexibility that Contact Centers require but at small-to-mid-sized pricing ($75 per agent/mo.).

The ‘How’

Xima has leveraged its decade-plus of experience and Intellectual Property (IP) on heritage PBX call reporting and contact center visual management and has made it cloud-ready for Yabbit UCaaS

Call Reporting


With the familiar Cradle to Grave visual call-flow and customer journey interface that shows every single call event to our rich Standard Reports coupled with the ability to create your own reports within Xima CCaaS, this combination of tools remedies the need for Contact Center Supervisors and Managers to spend hours manually combining and modifying spreadsheets to get the information that they need.These tools are single-handedly the reason why companies need and trust Xima’s Cloud Contact Center (CCaaS).

Contact Center

Supervisor Realtime Tools

With the familiar Cradle to Grave visual call-flow and customer journey interface that shows every single call event to our rich Standard Reports coupled with the ability to create your own reports within Xima CCaaS, this combination of tools remedies the need for Contact Center Supervisors and Managers to spend hours manually combining and modifying spreadsheets to get the information that they need.These tools are single-handedly the reason why companies need and trust Xima’s Cloud Contact Center (CCaaS).

The ‘What’

Xima Contact Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) is a service in the cloud, Inbound calls come into Yabbit and point to Xima’s cloud Contact Center. Xima CCaaS answers the calls with our IVR and Auto Attendants and then route the calls to the specific agents via the Skills-Based Routing algorithms. The cloud Contact Center agent users can use their familiar SIP hard phone or softphone. Only one device is needed to manage normal office calls.

To increase customer satisfaction, the Cloud Contact Center also provides Queue Call-back or ‘Call-back Assist’ which allows the customer to reserve their place in line (queue) and the CCaaS will call the customer back when it’s their turn to speak with an agent, whereby relieving the customer of needing to wait in line with a phone held to their ear.

Web chat enables customers that are on your website that have questions to have those questions answered in real-time with Contact Center agents through chat as opposed to calling into the Contact Center. The Contact Center agents manage those web chats just like typical cloud Contact Center calls which are through Xima’s Contact Center Agent Client (CCAC).

Contact Center

Agent experience

Contact Center Agents need the ability to manage their call and workflows with ease and efficiency. Having a single web-based interface to easily handle calls, webchats, and their CRM is precisely what is needed. With Xima Contact Center Agent Client (CCAC), not only can agents handle their workflow but they can also be apprised of real-time metrics and events that help keep them focused and on-task which leads to higher productivity.

Historical Call


  • Periodically export historical call data into another application (CRM)
  • Pull timecard data from Xima CCaaS into a staffing, billing, or payroll system
  • Pull call records into a billing system

Screen Pop Profile

  • Pop a 3rd party web page from the Contact Center Agent Client or the Java Desktop Client

WebService Integration

  • Notify another system (like a CRM) to create a record each time a phone call finishes

Chat Javascript API

  • Create your own Web Chat invitation
  • Pass custom parameters (like Shopping Cart ID) from a customer’s website interaction to the agent handling their chat
  • Set the target routing skill based on customer context

Realtime Data

  • Show Realtime metrics on a 3rd party dashboard with a periodic refresh or use our WebSocket connection.
  • Monitor Realtime metrics with a periodic refresh or in Realtime within a 3rd party web service
  • Periodically refresh and show metrics like “Current Wait Time” and “Calls in Queue” on a customer’s web site. Show live metrics using the WebSocket

Agent License Types


Contact Center Voice Agent

This is the primary agent license for Xima CCaaS. Contact Center Voice Agent provides a true cloud voice contact center with enhanced features like Skills-Based Routing, custom queue options and announcements, Queue Callback (Callback Assist), detailed real time data and reporting, and more.


Contact Center Web Chat Agent

The Web Chat Agent license is an add-on license to the Voice Agent license and provides an easy-to-use web chat tool for both your customers and agents. It also integrates seamlessly into your management interface for detailed real time and reporting information.

Skills-Based Routing

Ensure your calls are routed to the best available agent using our different skills-based routing algorithms including Intelligent Highest Skill First, Linear, Circular, or Most Idle fashion.

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Queue Callback
(Callback Assist)

Instead of waiting in queue or having your customer abandoned due to long wait times, customers may choose to have the system hold their place in line and call them back when it’s their turn.

Contact Center Agent Client

This web-based interface provides a single pane of glass for agents to navigate their different media channels. Agents can easily tag account codes for more detailed reporting, manage their busy time, and more.​

Realtime Wallboards

Report on your KPIs, agents, and queues in real time. With Realtime Wallboards, you can see their call activity, their status (including the agent state, Busy, and call statistics), and see call activity within your queues.​

Supervisor Control

Remotely manage employees by controlling agents and calls based on skill groups. This feature provides the ability to place employees on Busy, log them out, force calls to them, and more.​

Historical Reporting

Our Standard Reports interface gives you access to all Cradle to Grave data that can be queried manually or automatically via the Report Scheduler.​

Web Chat

When visiting your website, your customers can chat with a live contact center agent. Routing the chat to the appropriate agent can be based on which page the customer is on and agent skill level.

Salesforce Integration

Using Xima CCaaS, you can easily integrate the Contact Center Agent Client (CCAC) into Salesforce. This provides enhanced features like Click-to-Dial and screen pop

Skills Based Routing

Choose a call flow routing algorithm

to ensure your customers are handled in the most effective and efficient manner. Skills-Based Routing provides the ability for agents to navigate their different media channels. It allows you to create skills and assign certain agents in those skills. You can also rank each agent’s expertise on certain skills from 1 to 10.

Skills-Based Routing also provides the option to have your calls come in Linear, Circular, Most Idle, or Intelligent Highest Skill First. Each call flow pattern ensures your customers are paired with the most qualified agent based on the customers’ questions.

Each skill group can be configured with different queue announcements. Whether it be an announcement to tell the customer you’re grateful for their patience or an announcement to tell your callers about a new promotion you’re offering, the sky’s the limit on the customization of your skill group queues. Naturally, there are some default announcements that exist within the software that are selectable, but if you don’t like the phrasing, the accent, or perhaps it requires another language other than the six different language packs available, you can record your own and add it in. Other settings within the queue include timeouts or overflow settings, max number of calls in queue, and time-based routing to ensure your customers route to the correct agents in an effective and efficient manner.

Queue Callback
(Callback Assist)

Give customers the option to stay on the

line, reserve an agent, or leave their number and receive a call back when they are first in line. Each skill group can be customized with its own unique announcement. Provide your customers with a customized and personalized queue experience.

Monitor your current calls waiting and scheduled queue callbacks within Realtime Wallboards or Supervisor View. You can also route your queue callbacks to a lower priority skill group to ensure customers waiting on the line get answered first.

Contact Center Agent Client (CCAC)

Contact Center Agent Client (CCAC)

allows agents to easily navigate between their active media, which includes voice calls and external web chats. Agents can also easily log in and out of different skill sets as well as enable/disable their Busy state.

Agents can also provide additional details as to why they logged in or out of a skill set or why they went on Busy by selecting from a defined reason code list. Agents can tag custom notes or predefined account codes to any call or web chat.

Additionally, managers can assign one or more wallboards to their agents so that the agents can view the information their manager wants them to see about their individual call statistics, the status of the other agents, current calls in queue and more.

Realtime Wallboards

Realtime Wallboards provide a way for

for managers to monitor their individual Realtime agents and queues throughout the day.

The Wallboards allow you to choose which call statistics you want to monitor. You may select from template wallboards or create your own. You can select from multiple widgets, which include bar and line charts, scrolling marquees, active calls, leader boards, and more.

Ensure your company KPIs and SLAs are displayed in Realtime in a manner that fits your business needs. You can cast them out to different flat screen TVs or access them from your local computer. With unlimited Supervisor logins, each team can have their appropriate wallboard.

Alerts & Triggers

Get notified before there is a problem

Realtime can alert supervisors and agents through email, SMS text, or pop screen messages, depending on your preference.

The wallboards can also be customized to change colour or play audible alarms to draw your attention to the screen

Supervisor View

Supervisor View allows you to see

your individual agents’ call statistics as well as customize their profile, including the skills you assign them, what their current state is, and other customizable metrics. You can also manage an agent’s state by logging them in and out of their respective skill groups or placing them into a Busy state.

Your Supervisor View also allows you to monitor your queues at the same time. You may transfer calls in queue to available agents from the same or different skill set. Furthermore, you’ll be provided tools to completely custom design your visual displays so that you are looking at the information you choose to see in the layout you choose to see it in. You can customize your queue metrics to ensure you are maintaining your service level and monitoring your business’s KPIs.

Historical Reporting

Standard Reports gives you access to

Cradle to Grave data that can be queried manually or automatically via the Report Scheduler, which tells Xima CCaaS to run reports automatically every hour, day, week, or month.

The Report Scheduler also sends reports to an email address or saves them to a file. Reports can be run and scheduled in PDF, Excel, CSV, HTML, and JSON.

Completely Customizable

Not finding what you’re looking for in Standard Reports? You can create your own reports from scratch. Custom Reports gives you the user-friendly option to filter which criteria you want reflected in your reports.

Custom Reports gives you the option to edit our standard reports, whether they be agent reports, skill reports, or call detail reports. This way, you get the luxury of customizing your reports and metrics without all the work associated with building it yourself.

Web Chat

Contact Center Web Chat Agent

is an add-on license to the Contact Center Voice Agent. You can customize the design of the web chat display on your website to match your business’s brand colours, upload your logo, and display your agent’s picture.

Using the URL to skill group mapping, you can strategically route customers based on the web page they are visiting to specific skill groups within your contact center. Skills can be shared between your voice skills or be unique. Managers can customize a list of messages for greetings, endings, and other canned messages the agents can choose from. Agents can also request screenshots to help answer a customer’s questions or transfer the customer to another agent or skill. The initial chat log from the first agent is passed on to the next agent and skill.

Web chats are presented to agents using the Contact Center Agent Client providing your agents a single pane of glass. They can tag account codes or enter free form notes about the chat and customer to be reviewed in the reports or Cradle to Grave.

Agents can view their individual chat statics within their personalized display as well as other skill statistics to ensure no chats are currently waiting to be answered.

Salesforce Integration

Xima CCaaS allows you to integrate

with Contact Center Agent Client, which is an interface that provides effective collaboration between managers and agents as well as agents and customers.

​An exciting feature of Contact Center Agent Client is that it has a native plugin to Salesforce Lightning, which allows for these services to work harmoniously with each other. This integration provides enhanced features like Click-to-Dial, and Screen Pop.


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