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You’ve been itching to communicate better, faster, stronger… like the song goes. But you’re no daft punk. You’re a serious player with a great business and you’re bouncing with ambition. You’re wanting to streamline internal communications, shrink your operating costs and smash your customer experience out the park… patchwork of support products? Burn ‘em.

Done. Let’s chew the fat. We’re all ears.

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Voip Phone systems

The YABBIT Unified Communications As A Servive (UCaaS) brand was founded with a scope in mind. It needed to be about the Community. It was to connect the community and have all of the best features enhanced that the best traditional phone systems have, that enhance productivity and give the best user and customer experience on the market. It needed to have everything Teams, Zoom and the best phone system on the market have and be all in one platform.


This is a tale of unwavering perseverance. We’ve long represented a major global telecom supplier, with over 8 years under the Live Communications banner.

Our Managing Director’s telecom journey began in 1999, with NEC, Panasonic, Alcatel, Siemens, and Telecom Commander systems. Darren’s Telecom Australia roots run deep.

Our solutions now span Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Isles. In 2006, our MD executed a game-changing IP deployment for Avaya, featuring 85 sites for a major HR organization. Remarkably, they still trust us for platform maintenance today.

Voip Phone systems

In 2014, we delved into data center deployments, linking sites with IP phones, and pioneering cost-saving cloud connectivity. Anticipating the shift towards SIP and VoIP phone lines since 2011, we honed our expertise, ceasing ISDN recommendations, which were the norm among major Australian Telcos.

Fast forward to 2017, Avaya recognized our prowess and entrusted us with their “Powered by Avaya” IP Office Cloud PBX system within our cloud infrastructure. We rapidly expanded our user base until late 2019 when Avaya sold this segment to Ring Central, causing them to discontinue the product. This shift away from dealers and partners hit local businesses hard, as it signaled a move towards direct customer interactions by the corporate entity, disregarding those who helped establish their presence.

yabbit rabbit


The potential loss of business, service, support, and the livelihoods of many small to medium Australian businesses was at stake. We refused to bow down to the expected outcome and decided to find a superior, more robust, and feature-rich product that we could control in Australia.

Our Managing Director ventured to the world’s largest IT Expo for UC and telecommunications in Fort Lauderdale in February 2020, when COVID was still confined to China. The show, sponsored by prominent MSP and Telco suppliers in the USA, introduced us to ‘YABBIT.’

With 18 years of experience, over 2 million users in the USA, and guided by telco technical experts, YABBIT shared our company’s values and was highly acclaimed for its reliability and exceptional support. Their unwavering focus was on delivering outstanding service.


In 2020, we launched our system just before Christmas, with the first customers coming on board. By early 2021, we had over 500 users. Today, we have thousands of users, and the system has maintained uninterrupted service since its inception, seamlessly updating with zero downtime. Multiple carriers within Australia are connected to our CLOUD cores, upholding Australian Sovereignty, and our YABBIT platform boasts a pedigree of over 3.5 million users since 2020, continuing to grow rapidly.

YABBIT has become the preferred choice for many BroadSoft carriers and suppliers worldwide due to its superior capabilities.

At UPTI, we are continually exploring new technologies and functionalities to enhance YABBIT. Challenge us to leverage APIs for enhanced automation in your operational systems, benefitting both your customers and staff.


Now more than ever it’s important that your team can yabber seamlessly with each other no matter where they are. Working from home or on the road with YABBIT its like you have never left the office. When you are out of hours or in a meeting you can have an answering service or have the call diverted to another team member – There is no down time with YABBIT, your business becomes contactable 24/7.

YABBIT is so easy to connect to with these three options –

yabbit rabbit

Your customers will always find you accessible and ready to assist, ensuring they feel valued and supported.

For those loyal to other solutions, YABBIT seamlessly integrates and plays well with others. Consider exploring its user-friendly capabilities, including a possible YABBIT solution for Avaya phone users.

Technology is incredible when it runs smoothly, but network hiccups can happen. YABBIT has the solution to keep your business running seamlessly. If the cloud turns stormy, YABBIT effortlessly shifts it to a brighter place, ensuring smooth sailing without disruptions. We call this Cloudification and stand by the YABBIT experience.

YABBIT offers a streamlined and user-friendly cloud solution, inviting you to join the adventure. If you’re ready to elevate your business, just give us a call. We’re all ears and include all features in one comprehensive package, simplifying your telecom processes.

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