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Darren and his staff have supported Montserrat during this period with innovative solutions and 100% uptime required by any operating hospital. Your professional technical support is responsive and fast, without any red tape to hold things up seems to be able to move projects at the speed Montserrat like to operate

Ben Korst

IP Office Live has been instrumental in supporting the business during the Floods in Bundaberg and North Queensland. IPVS are one of the suppliers we can rely on every time. Darren and his team have the Knowledge and ability to deploy a professional IP Telephony design with great support and service. We value our business relationship with Darren, IPVS & IP Office Live

Mahendra Pardeshi

From our perspective the key strengths are the distinct lack of red tape, allowing us to move rapidly when opportunities arise, and their exceptional support team that is always willing and able to solve whatever challenges we have faced

Drewe Zanki

We have Voice, Video and we now have links 10 times faster than others offered with the outcome being fully resilient Flexible managed networks. From the outset, the team at IP Office Live & IPVS has been a great source of support. The communication and professionalism of all the team members has been outstanding

Justin Pettet

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