Avaya Files for Bankruptcy Again: Cloud Subscription Accounting Woes

Yabbit has always been and will always be a family. We love our clients and dealers and treat them as such. Here at Yabbit, we go out of our way to make sure that we offer hands-on support and treat everyone as equals. Because of that, we hope to never run into the troubles Avaya is currently experiencing and their cloud subscription accounting woes.  

Cloud Subscription Accounting Woes 

Avaya has declared bankruptcy. Again. (The first time was back in 2017). While they have had some turnover in their corporate decision-making roles since then, they have not been able to overcome their cloud subscription accounting woes.  

Avaya has listed both their assets and their liabilities between $1-10 Billion with between 25,001 to 50,000 creditors. While we sympathize with any business that is having financial issues, we simply cannot empathize.  

Avaya Partnerships 

Avaya notoriously “bullies” the little guys. Their rules and limited flexibility for their dealers only benefit Avaya, leaving nothing for the dealers themselves. For example, within their dealer agreement, they “take ownership” of any customers acquired by the dealer via customer lists. Even when it is the dealer who goes out, creates a relationship with the client, and does all the hard work to bring that customer in.  

This “ownership” model is harmful in a few ways. Eventually, the dealer will need to make a tough decision. Should they stay with Avaya’s strict policies, or should they break away from the partnership? If the dealer breaks away, they will be doing so without any clients, as they ”belong” to Avaya. This can affect the long-term business relationship and trust that the dealer has worked hard to create with their clients.  

Partner with People Who Care 

We know that Avaya has bounced back before, and they may be able to do that again. However, if you are tired of sitting on the edge of your seat wondering if your business is about to go down the drain and following along with Avaya’s cloud subscription accounting woes, know that there are other options out there.  

When you find a partner that truly cares about you and your business, you will instantly be able to tell the difference. That’s us. Here at Yabbit, we want you to be successful. Therefore, we will give you the support you need, the tools you need, and the partnership you need to run a successful business. Stop worrying about Avaya’s cloud subscription accounting woes and let’s start the conversation.  Come with us down the Yabbit-hole and we can dig into the difference a great partner makes.  

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