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Bulk up your business with better communication

Whip your communication into shape with Yabbit. Our phone system’s a lean, keen, client success machine that keeps your clients and staff connected while pumping up your profits. With us, you can:
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Communication that’s all gain, no pain.

That’s the yabbit guarantee

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we help you

Sweat less & achieve More


expert spotting 24/7/365

Spend less time worrying about phones and more time on the sales floor.


Agile messaging

Send instant messages and build text-based marketing campaigns, all from one platform and app. 


Easy integration

Connect our system to your email client and CRM software to easily access customer data.

See What All The

Yabbering Is About

Find out how Yabbit helped ABC Fitness
ush past their limitations and achieve their goals!

Fitness Communication

Made Easy

Fed up with the hassle of managing a tangled web of tools that waste your time and resources?
Look no further than Yabbit. Our all-in-one platform conquers communication hurdles, streamlines your operations, and fuels your success.
All in one place for one low rate. 

Features that help you

Flex on your competitors

Why settle for basic when you could be extraordinary? Yabbit’s phone system doesn’t just make and take calls. We packed it full of features that’ll help you stand out from the crowd. 

Host Classes Virtually 

With Yabbit virtual meetings, you can offer courses to anyone, anywhere, expanding your reach and attracting more clients, and building a content library all on one system. Awesome, right?

Take Calls On-The-Go 

Tired of missing client calls? With Yabbit's mobile app, you can stay on top of your calls, voicemails, and other important information straight from the gym floor! Without giving out your personal number. 

Add Lines When You Need Them 

We know the number of calls you receive – and memberships you have – shift with the seasons. Which is why our system can shift with you. Yabbit lets you easily add or reduce lines and users based on busy seasons at cost. 

Make Communicating With You a Breeze 

From HD audio to automated routing, Yabbit's got all the features you need to build a stellar call experience for your clients and your staff. 

Enjoy communications that stay in shape with yabbit

With Yabbit, you can focus on what you love to do and we’ll take care of the rest. 

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