How can you distinguish between traditional phone service vs. VoIP phone service?

There is no doubt that communication is one of the most important factors, whether you are a small business or a large business, allowing you to corner the market and have the edge over your competitors. Therefore, a smart business must stay updated with rapidly advancing technology. Now is the perfect time to switch from the traditional landline phone system to the most efficient voice over IP phone systems. Undoubtedly, finding the right balance between low-cost services and high-quality communication is one of the toughest things to accomplish.

Differences between Traditional Phone Service vs. VoIP Phone Service 


In terms of cost, voice over IP phone systems is considerably more expensive than traditional ones. However, compared to the traditional phone system, VoIP is cheaper and depends on your utility. There is a reason why long-distance calls are so expensive when they are made through Regular Phone Systems. The circuits in that area get opened to the other person, and the entire circuit will be open during the call, so it is very expensive to make long-distance calls through those systems. The voice is converted into data packs and sent to the recipient using voice over IP phone systems. It is also possible for them to take different routes, assemble back to order, and be converted to a voice at the other end. The result is that there will be no infrastructure costs associated with establishing VoIP connections. The only thing that is required is an uninterrupted Internet connection.


You can always make a call to a room through your softphone without having to go to a fixed phone line. There is no doubt that voice over IP phone systems is the most convenient communication method. With VoIP technology, users can simultaneously access their phones, email, internet, conference bridge services, and video applications from anywhere. There will be no changes to the VoIP billing every month, and you can also be sure that you know what exactly you will be receiving since everything will be updated in a digital format. Therefore, it is reasonable to claim voice over IP phone systems as an affordable phone system since the bill is predictable and easy to estimate.


Many businesses are looking for customization to fit their needs since no one wants to pay for something they don’t need. It is important to note that VoIP Service Providers offer various options for customizing subscriptions, where you can choose the services and features your business needs. For example, with VoIP, you can record your voice whenever you aren’t available. In addition, if you don’t answer your phone at a certain time, your calls will automatically be transferred to your phone. On the other hand, a landline phone system offers low bandwidth and does not provide a mobile capability, which is a huge disadvantage in today’s highly competitive market.


With voice over IP phone systems from Yabbit, your business can take its communications to the next level with a future-proof, affordable, and easy-to-use solution. The best part is that Yabbit VoIP service can be seamlessly integrated with your existing CRM software. It is important to note that various packages and VoIP solutions are available for your business if you are considering switching to voice over IP phone systems from Yabbit.

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