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Healthcare Phone System

Be there
For your patients

We’re here to make your life easier! Unify your staff and patients with messaging, video conferencing, voice, and integrations. 

Say goodbye to
complicated communication systems

Voip Phone systems
Voip Phone systems

Solving patient & provider challenges


meet & collaborate

Quickly meet across departments and teams with the click of a button.


agile messaging

Internal communications and appointment reminders made simple.

Voip Phone systems

Easy integrations

Connect your existing systems to provide personalized care. 

See What All The
Yabbering Is About

Download our latest case study to hear why Better Medical chooses Yabbit.

continued care,
no matter what

The average cost to healthcare providers if their systems go down ranges from $5,300 to $9,000 per minute! Can you really afford an unreliable phone system? 

We built Yabbit to be fully geographically redundant, which means you have a backup plan that kicks in seamlessly. Yabbit keeps you running, no matter what. 

healthcare & security go hand-in-hand

Voip Phone systems

We store and process all data within Australia

This ensures all the data remains governed by Australian rules and regulations.


we employ high-level encryption

During our rest and transit processes, to protect customer data from unauthorized access.

we use multiple forms of authentication

This helps us prevent unauthorized users from accessing customer information.


We store and process all data within Australia

This includes diagnostic check-ups, data visualization, and detailed reports on data usage and access.

deliver an exceptional patient experience with yabbit

Let us take care of your communications needs so that you can focus on providing the best care for your patients. 
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