Support Mobile Workers With A Cloud Hosted Phone System

It’s no secret that more businesses are going mobile than ever before. In fact, 1 in 3 employees now work at companies that are fully remote. What started as a reaction to a global pandemic is now becoming the norm. And why not? It’s cost-effective (one study shows employers can save an average of $11,000 per part-time remote employee) and gives employees the flexibility they crave.  

If you’ve got a workforce that’s itching to go mobile, it’s time to ditch your convention phone system and invest in a cloud-hosted phone system. A cloud-hosted phone system makes it simple for employees to work remotely from any device and any location. 

Cloud-Hosted Phone System vs. Conventional PBX Systems: Which is Better? 

Conventional PBX systems – or on-premises PBX systems – are great for companies who work in a physical office seven days a week. But for hybrid or fully remote work models? Conventional PBX systems fall short. They simply weren’t designed to support devices that aren’t directly connected to on-premises hardware or wiring.  

On the other hand, cloud-hosted phone systems – like Yabbit Mobile – can support both in-office and remote teams with just the touch of a button. Seems too good to be true? We assure you it isn’t. 

Cloud-Hosted Phone System: Benefits for Mobile Workers 

There are hundreds of benefits a cloud-hosted phone system can give you. But for the sake of time, we’ll just focus on five. 

1.Quick Inter-Office Communication 

According to a recent report from Asana, office workers spend nearly 58% of their day doing “work about work.” This includes busy work like chasing status updates, searching for the right information, switching between apps, engaging in pointless meetings, and more.  

Thankfully, a cloud-hosted phone system can help with that! The best phone systems have a built-in chat feature, allowing you to shoot a quick message to your teammates instead of tying up their phone lines or flooding their email inboxes. Many cloud-hosted phone systems also employ single sign-on, letting you connect to everyone you need to, anywhere in the world, without switching between multiple apps. 

2. Global Access to Audio Conferences and Web Meetings 

You may be thinking “Conferencing? Why would I need conferencing when chat is so much more convenient?” We could tell you why, but we’ll let the statistics speak for themselves:  

  • 45% of teams use video conferencing tools on a daily – if not weekly – basis 
  • 78% of employees use video conferencing for team meetings 
  • 87% of remote employees say they feel more connected and involved with teams and projects when using video conferencing. 

Oh, and did we mention that 31% of the workforce joins video conferences from their mobile devices? And a cloud-hosted phone system makes joining via mobile even easier. Users can start, join, and manage video conferences directly from the app. No more fiddling with conference bridges, suffering through static-riddled audio, or struggling to see who’s on the call.  

Some system providers might charge you for this service, but the best will include it with your monthly subscription.  

3. Reduced Device Costs 

Thanks to the cloud-hosted phone system’s app, any device can become a desk phone. No need to shell out a ton of money on device replacements or upgrades. Now your employees can bring their own devices into the workplace without compromising sensitive personal or corporate data. 

4. Built-In Security for Corporate Data  

Which brings us to our next point – security! Most reliable cloud-hosted phone system providers offer multi-level security measures on calls and texts made through their mobile app. This keeps your business your business and adds another level of protection against spam and robo-calls.  

5. Rapid Recovery from Any Disaster 

In a typical office setting, when the power goes out, your business communications go out too. You’ve got to wait for hours, maybe even days, before the power’s restored. Who knows how many customer interactions you’ve missed during that time. But with a cloud-hosted phone system, all you need to keep communicating with customers and co-workers is a mobile device and an internet connection.  

Go Mobile with Yabbit’s Cloud-Hosted Phone System 

At Yabbit, our cloud-hosted phone system’s got everything your team needs to be successful – whether they’re in the office, out of the office, or anywhere in-between. Connect to customers and coworkers on Yabbit Mobile. Engage in conferencing and collaboration with Yabbit Collabonnection – a one-click video conferencing feature. Oh, and did we mention our app also integrates with over 30 CRMs? Because it does. 

So, what’re you waiting for? Connect with one of our team members to get all these features (and more) for one low rate. 

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