Navigating the Panasonic End of Life: What It Means for Dealers

Panasonic PBX systems have been around for many years and are widely known in the telecom industry. Unfortunately, technology has advanced so far and so fast that Panasonic is getting out of the game and discontinuing its PBX technology. After all, more advanced systems are available, and Panasonic has decided to focus on other areas of technology.   

This means the end of life for Panasonic’s PBX is approaching. What does this mean for telecom and PBX dealers? How can they prepare for the Panasonic end of life? Never fear, reader! In this post, we’ll answer both those questions for you. 

Panasonic End of Life: What does EOL mean?  

End of life (EOL) describes the end of a product’s lifecycle. Every technological product will experience this, and the Panasonic PBX system is no different. Here are a few things to expect in the coming months. 

Panasonic End of Life: Expect No Support  

If you’re a deal still using the Panasonic PBX but already have a backup in place, there’s no need to act. Panasonic’s end-of-life for their PBX. However, if you’re a dealer using the PBX, perhaps you won’t be able to reach out to Panasonic for support. They’ll no longer be upgrading or updating the hardware and firmware. If something happens to the system, no tech support will be available. This means potentially disastrous downtime and disruptions for your customers if they rely on the Panasonic PBX for their day-to-day operations.  

Panasonic End of Life: Expect a Lack of Hardware  

Another issue dealers will face is a lack of hardware and replacement parts. As a system ages and becomes obsolete, finding parts becomes more difficult. It’s not as simple as going to your local parts store or even eBay. If a switch or motherboard goes bad, you could be looking at extended downtime because you will have to replace the entire PBX. It’s going to become more expensive to repair these systems because Panasonic has stopped producing parts for them.  

Panasonic End of Life: How to Prepare Yourself & Your Customers 

So, what can telecom dealers do to prepare? Start looking into similar systems that are currently available. Panasonic’s systems are outdated, so now might be a good time to research more advanced systems. After all, they’ll offer newer features and functionality and are easier to maintain. You’ll also be able to offer customers newer technology, allowing them to be more productive and efficient in their work.  

Stock Up On the Parts You Need 

If you’re not ready to switch, start stocking up on all replacement parts now. No matter what. It’s better to have a surplus than to need the parts and not have them. Dealers can continue to build up their stock of replacement hardware to have on hand. This will help reduce any potential downtime for your customers. Look anywhere you can either through Panasonic and eBay, or other telecom hardware stores.  

Communicate with Customers  

You need to be transparent with your customers. Communicate with them now about the Panasonic end of life for their PBX. They’ll need to understand the potential domino effect the discontinuation could have on their business. Dealers should be proactive and map out a plan for the customers who are transitioning to a new system. They should help with a timeline and any expenses associated with the migration.  

Talk to Panasonic  

Dealers can still work with Panasonic to ensure their systems have the most recent and last updates related to the Panasonic end of life for their PBX systems. Having the latest updates and upgrades could extend the system’s life during migration to a new PBX. Plus, keeping an open line of communication between you and Panasonic not only keeps you informed but also helps you keep your customers informed.   

panasonic end of life

Yabbit and Panasonic End of Life  

The end-of-life of Panasonic PBX systems can present many challenges for telecom dealers. Lucky for, Yabbit is all about connection, in fact, we provide Yabbonection with our advanced communications systems. The experts at Yabbit want you to come down the Yabbit hole with us, and we are here to help dealers as much as possible. Contact us today to get a quote started now and let’s start breathing new life into your phone system. 

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