Panasonic’s PBX Phone System is Shutting Down: Here’s an Alternative

Panasonic is known for its electronics but also supplies a business communication system that has been heavily relied upon by many. In 2020, they decided to cease production of their PBX phone systems and SIP devices. This article will examine why and the alternatives to the Panasonic PBX phone systems. 

If you’re a current or former Panasonic customer looking for other options, this post is for you. 

Is Panasonic Shutting Down? 

As a company, no. Panasonic has and will continue to make TVs and VCRs and is a global electronics brand. They previously decided to make their mark in the telecom industry. However, Panasonic couldn’t focus enough resources and couldn’t make their presence felt. They had their adopters just because they were loyal customers, but ultimately, they had to discontinue products thanks to a lack of long-term vision. 

The move to a cloud-based phone system was another factor. More businesses were transitioning to remote work; it lessened the demand for on-premise phone systems. A cloud-based phone system has many benefits, so it’s simple to deduce that Panasonic might’ve been too late to the party. So, Panasonic isn’t shutting down. They’re just discontinuing their PBX products. 

When Is Panasonic Shutting Down Phone Systems? 

The timeframe has been all over the map, so getting a straight answer has been tough. Panasonic has been rumored to stop supporting its phone systems by the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023. What does that mean? It’ll be difficult to get replacement parts, and updates will cease. Repairing the systems will be more complex and costly, with parts being scarce. If you’re using a Panasonic phone system and it’s still functional, it’s not too late to find a replacement. It would be best if you started getting down that Yabbit hole sooner rather than later.  

What If I Use a Panasonic PBX Phone System? 

If you’re using the Panasonic PBX phone system, it’s time to consider transitioning to a cloud-based phone and coming off the traditional phone. Why buy expensive hardware when you may have to relive this nightmare again? All you need to use a cloud system is an Internet connection. 

The Panasonic phone system was useful in a different era, but this is the cloud era. It’s time to communicate and collaborate better. 

Switching From Panasonic PBX to a Hosted System 

Over the last few years, the way we communicate has changed. Business communications are a 24/7 endeavor; customers require immediate satisfaction when receiving messages and calls. Your business communication system must be up and running at all times of the day. You need to be able to answer calls or texts at a moment’s notice, and a cloud communications system is the answer. 

Yabbit: Your Panasonic PBX Replacement 

We want you to join the Yabbolution. Suppose you have considered or are now considering moving from the Panasonic PBX to a hosted phone. In that case, Yabbit knows businesses crave a better way to communicate and want to be treated like partners, not numbers, which is how the big boys operate. We’ll listen to your needs and change how you view your telecom services provider. 

The Yabbit phone system has the features your employees need to work at full efficiency: 

  • Video conferencing 
  • Cloud calling 
  • Mobile applications 
  • Business tool integrations 

The best part? There are no surprises down the Yabbit hole. There are no extra costs, and all features are included in the Yabbit suite. It’s simple to use and connect. You’ll be Yabbering to your customers in no time. 

Yabbit and the Cloud 

If you need a new business communications provider, contact us today. We’d love to get to know you and your business. Come down the Yabbit hole with us and join us in the burrow so you can have fun with your phone system. Let’s grow your business together and leave the big guys in a cloud of dust (see what we did there?). We look forward to earning your business. 

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