Top Misconceptions About IP Phone Systems

When a new technology arrives, it creates a buzz in various spheres. Unfortunately, it takes a while for the right information to reach the masses and in the meantime, people spin different stories around it based on their limited understanding. And that’s how misconceptions start to surface.

The Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VOIP) has also become a victim of this phenomenon. And as a result, we have a number of myths that need to be debunked with factual information. The IP phone systems give you a very set up and help in overcoming various challenges. In order to know its true potential, it is essential that you have a clear understanding of this technology.

Misconceptions About IP Phone Systems That We Need to Do Away With

VoIP Is Unreliable & Insecure

A large number of people believe that VoIP connections work intermittently and they can even be accessed unauthorizedly by hackers. It is a baseless misconception that does not take into account the fact that IP systems work on encryption technology.

It is actually safer than the traditional landlines and makes the transmission of data much more reliable. For the sake of knowing technicality, you should be aware that VoIP telephony is made through an internal system that bars any external entity like hackers to intrude into the call.

VoIP Gives Poor Call Quality

Another misconception that arises out of lack of knowledge. Many people believe that the traditional lines make the relay stronger than the broadband connection. However, this theory has been tested and proven wrong. And you also don’t require ultra-speed internet to make your voice clear and uninterrupted.

The VoIP’s reliability largely depends on broadband prioritization. It means that you can allocate more data to voice calls when you are on one. When not on call, the data is consumed by other activities over the internet.

VoIP Is Expensive

When you tend to think that the signal strength of VoIP is feeble, the chain of thoughts takes this notion one step ahead and begets the belief that you’ll have to shell out more money to get a high-speed connection. But in reality, VoIP actually emerges as one of the most cost-effective solutions.

This advanced system can actually slash your bills to a large extent. Moreover, it becomes a big money-saver when you make long-distance calls frequently. The traditional international calls cost a lot of money comparatively.

VoIP Is Difficult To Install

Saying VoIP installation is difficult is totally an overstatement. Yes, you do require some professional assistance to get the things. However, they don’t require you to be an expert and can be done with manual instructions too.

VoIP Messes With Your Phone Number

No, it doesn’t. Many people believe that the transfer of your phone to VoIP can cause a permanent loss of phone numbers. You can get your existing phone number transferred to a VoIP and this process is known as porting.

VoIP Is Only For Businesses

VoIP can be used by small and big businesses and by independent professionals too. It has emerged as the best option for work-from-home setup lately.

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