VoIP and SIP Phone Systems

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You Can Save Thousands With VoIP and SIP

The key reason to connect your phone system over the internet (VoIP) rather than through traditional copper wires is because you will save money on line rentals, call costs and more. Essentially, the cost of internet and the cost of scalability on a VoIP system is significantly reduced, making your business communications value-packed. Unlike copper wires, the technology behind VoIP enables you to take your phone system further, faster and reach new heights with customer satisfaction.

What Change Means for Me?

In a nutshell, savings and more savings.

If you are currently running your phone system on traditional copper wires, the process of changing is not hard. IPVS has had heaps of clients upgrade their phone system to save costs and with minimal impact to the running of their business. So, assured that when upgrading to a more affordable plan, that you take your existing phone numbers with you, and that you’re not having to pay for things that don’t make much sense.

Long-Term Solution

It has been a few years now that businesses have been hearing about VoIP and SIP solutions, but this does not mean it is old. In fact, the roll out of the IP Office Live, a platform which utilises a combination of Avaya’s hardware has innovated how modern phone systems are used, and are largely dependent on VoIP and SIP capabilities.

For instance, SIP technology will redirect calls where there has been a loss of connection between the VoIP server and a business phone system. When this happens, the system will redirect the call to a mobile or alternative number.

Research and Development

But why stop at a loss of connection? Today more and more employees are working outside of the office for numerous reasons. The IP Office Live builds on the SIP redirection idea and turns it into a portable office, to take anywhere, anytime and to access it from almost any device.


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