Experts Agree: Yabbit’s Got a Fine Pedigree

Sick of companies singing their own praises with no facts to back it up? Believe it or not, so are we. So instead of giving you the same tired sales pitch as the other guys, we’re going to give you proof. Proof that when you choose our UCaaS solution, you’re really getting the best of the best.  Let’s get started! 

Just a Bit of Yabbit’s Pedigree: 

The 2022 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. An all-around success, this one! Our solution received this award because it was considered an exceptional voice, data, and video communication product – one that has made great strides in these last twelve months. 

Pandemic Tech Innovation Award. It’s no secret that the pandemic forced us all to adapt to a new normal. Our UCaaS solution was awarded this honor because it empowered users to continue functioning well in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and other unprecedented circumstances. 

Teleworking Solutions Excellence Award. Speaking of remote and hybrid work models, our UCaaS solution was chosen as one of the most innovative teleworking products on the market for its softphone capabilities, feature-rich UI, and a whole lot more.  

Internet Telephony Product of the Year – Two Years Running! This award recognizes companies that have designed, and continue to offer, exceptional communications solutions to their customers. Keeping our solutions up to date is always one of our top priorities! 

Internet Telephony Excellence Award. Winners of this award are decided based on actual customer feedback and case studies. And they had good things to say! We were recognized for providing an industry-leading solution that’s easy to install, easy to manage, and simple to understand.  

Cloud Computing Backup & Disaster Recovery Award. According to recent reports, “the overall number of data compromises went up over 68% during 2020,” and it shows no signs of slowing down. This is why having proper backup and disaster recovery is so important. And why winning this award is such an honor! Recipients of this award offer cloud-based solutions that give customers maximum downtime – even in the most challenging circumstances.  

Unified Communications Excellence Award. This is another award based on customer case studies, and it honors companies who offer the best of everything UC – from hardware to software to the services themselves. We’re proud to be a leading provider in an ever-growing industry. 

Video Conferencing Excellence Award. Providers earn this award for offering top-tier video conferencing solutions for teleworkers and remote meetings. Our UCaaS solution offers that in spades. It not only brings you closer to your customers via a slick, easy-to-use, white-label platform but it also supports large-scale webinars.

Put Our Award-Winning Solution to Work, Today! 

At Yabbit, we didn’t design our UCaaS platform to win any awards. We designed it so our customers could enjoy the best communication capabilities possible – no matter what industry they’re in! So, want to yabber about how we can help you succeed? We’re all ears – literally and figuratively! Get in touch with us today to jump into the rabbit hole to a better solution. 

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