Why Every Business Needs To Use Soft Phone Systems: The Top 5 Advantages

As you know, businesses and workers are more mobile than ever before. They are starving for a communications solution that enables flexibility for employees to work from anywhere but without sacrificing quality service. 

If you have been conducting research on business phone systems that support remote workers, you might have heard the term soft phone. You may be wondering, what exactly are soft phone systems and what are the advantages of using them over a traditional desk phone? We hope to answer those questions for you below.  

What is a Soft Phone System? 

Soft phone systems are software-based phones. It’s a virtual phone app that’s accessed through your desktop or laptop computer. It can also be downloaded to your mobile device.  

With soft phone systems, you’re able to make calls through your Internet connection without the need for physical hardware. So, in essence, you no longer need a traditional phone to make calls. 

soft phone systems

When you utilize the soft phone app through your mobile device, it behaves the same as your business phone. You’re able to make outgoing calls from your business’s number – not your personal number. You’re able to set up answering rules, make video calls, and message your team right from the app. 

One of the biggest advantages is that the Yabbit soft phones are operating system-agnostic. It doesn’t matter if you use Windows, Mac, or Android. 

Top 5 Advantage of Using Soft Phone Systems 

Soft phone systems provide more flexibility for your workers when it comes to where they want to work and devices they want to use. Here are some other advantages of using soft phones over traditional phone systems. 

Cost Savings 

  • By using soft phones, you no longer need to spend money on hardware-based desk phones. If your employees aren’t using their phones, why pay for them?  
  • Calls are cheaper since they are enabled over the Internet. International calls are more affordable, as well.  
  • Soft phone systems can handle audio and video conference calls, so you no longer need to waste money on conference room hardware and features.  
  • Your bill gets wrapped into one contract. 


  • One of the biggest advantages of soft phone systems is its mobility. You no longer need to be tied to your desk to send and receive calls. Your laptop or mobile device now becomes your phone. 
  • Send a team message from your tablet. 
  • No longer are you playing phone tag with customers or teammates.  
  • You can attend meetings from any device, work on other projects, and never worry about missing a call. 

Improved Collaboration 

  • With co-workers spread out over multiple locations, and even cities, it’s essential to know when your colleagues are available. 
  • The Presence feature on soft phone systems provides real-time views on the status of a co-worker and if they’re available to get on a call or respond to a message.  
  • It’s easier to host video calls, while also using features like visual voicemail, and voicemail-to-email options.  
  • A soft phone is designed to make your employees more efficient and productive – no matter where they are working. 

Proprietary Privacy 

  • Employees are accustomed to using their personal devices to make personal, as well as professional calls. How secure are those calls?  
  • When making an outgoing call on your soft phone, you’re using the encryption from your provider. If you’re in the healthcare industry, this is extremely important since the Privacy Act need to be adhered to. 

Personal Privacy 

  • Workers are able to communicate with customers without giving away personal phone numbers on Caller ID.  
  • When making a call from your soft phone app, caller ID displays your business’s phone number, so your personal information stays private. 

Yabbit For Your Soft Phone Systems 

Yabbit’s mobility phone system is that thing you’ve crying out for.  

Yabbit’s cloud-based phone system is a truly mobile solution for your business and with a flap of your ears, your mobile device or computer is a soft phone and business communication hot spot.  

Come down the Yabbit hole with us and change the way you communicate. We promise you’ll like it down here. 

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