5 Reasons to Use Microsoft Teams and Yabbit

Jumping around from tab to tab looking for documents, emails and messages can be very time-consuming and not very efficient. However, many businesses are unaware of any solutions to this problem. When businesses use Microsoft Teams or other collaboration solutions, not only do coworkers come together faster and with more purpose, but the company’s bottom line can be positively affected as well.

Why Use Microsoft Teams

First, we need to dive into what Microsoft Teams is and why a business would use Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is a chat-based program that allows colleagues to work collaboratively. When combined with other programs in Microsoft 365, users can video chat, share files, message each other and work together as if they were in the same room. Below, we have focused on 5 benefits businesses activate when they use Microsoft Teams.

Easy Collaboration

Microsoft Teams makes collaboration easy. Microsoft Teams was created as part of Microsoft 365. This means that all the programs in Microsoft 365 (think Word, Excel, etc) all work together as one cohesive unit. It is very easy to share documents with coworkers through this solution.

Microsoft makes it easy to share documents due to their cloud-based storage. When users share their documents, coworkers can collaborate in real time on the same document. They no longer need to email attachments, make edits/comments and send back.


The Microsoft App store allows users to personalize the integrations they need for their workspace. By picking and choosing which applications to add to their workspace, users can simplify their work assignments and complete tasks faster. As users and organizations add applications that are useful to them, the entire team becomes more efficient.


In teams, conversations can be organized by threads. Threads can be organized by topics or users. This helps organize projects and makes sure that only the users who need access to each thread have access to each thread. These threads can store past conversations, making them an excellent resource. Users can go back in the conversations and see previously shared documents.


One of the most important features Teams brings to the Microsoft 365 suite is calling features. Teams allows users to make voice calls and video calls. Depending on licensing, users can not only call other employees within their company, but also external phone calls as well.

Call features work from all devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and even mobile phones. This means that everyone from in-office to remote workers can easily have access to the solution and communications.


With the help of the Microsoft Teams mobile app, any device can become a softphone. This important feature showed its usefulness during the 2020 shutdown that caused millions of workers to be sent home. Utilizing softphones allowed workers to access their company materials while keeping their personal information private.

When Microsoft Teams is integrated, a business phone number is connected to the account. All business contacts, phone extensions, and business data are accessible through any of your Microsoft Teams platform, simply a tab away.

Through the use of softphones, businesses have the opportunity to save money on hardware and maintenance. As the business no longer uses hard wired phone lines and migrates to a cloud-based system, the need for that equipment vanishes.

More Added Benefits

When businesses use Microsoft Teams, they can see an increase in collaboration and productivity from their employees. However, if a company solely relies on Microsoft 365 programs, they are missing out on some amazing features normally associated with UCaaS.

When a business pairs their Microsoft Teams with Yabbit’s (a reputable service provider) UCaaS Solution, they unlock features Microsoft Teams alone cannot access. Below are just three of these features that can make a big difference in customer service and day-to-day business operations.

Call Routing

Advanced call routing with personal time frames, IVR, auto-attendants, and call queues are either missing from Microsoft Teams or not intuitive in their functionality. When calls are routed properly, customers spend less time on hold and employees can focus on their job tasks.


In-depth reporting, email alerts, recording, QoS Monitoring and other analytics features are not available in Microsoft Teams. This information can be used by managers to make business decisions that can really impact the company’s bottom line.

Contact Centers

Contact center portals for agents and managers are crucial to many enterprises. This, in addition to a contact center dashboard, is unavailable in Microsoft Teams.

Yabbit Helps You Use Microsoft Teams

Yabbit is here to help businesses get the most out of their Microsoft Teams. The best way to do this is to pair it with an existing UCaaS solution. To learn more about the benefits of a paired solution, Yabbit can be contacted here. The expert technicians at Yabbit can answer all questions pertaining to Microsoft Teams integration!

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