How Your Workplace Can Transform With An Ip Phone System

Are you an business that deeply values your customer’s satisfaction and experience? Are you constantly concerned about juggling the cost of your CRM system with the overall quality of service provided? Then leave all your worries behind as Yabbit has you covered with their incredible IP phone system that will throw all the little inconveniences out the window and ultimately make your CRM your strongest domain.

Why is it important?

It is no secret that customer service has never been more important. That is why Yabbit offers an all-in-one IP phone system for your business, which improves the flow of information within the organisational hierarchy and ensures that you are available to your customers. Since 2020, the shift to work at home practices has impacted how organisations remotely communicate and manage important business activities. This is why Yabbit has integrated several essential applications into an IP phone system that will surely give your organisation the upper hand in terms of CRM.

How does it improve your operations?

Technology is ever-evolving, and your organisation must be up to date with the most efficient systems. After all, taking your operations to the next level is crucial in today’s competitive industries. The Yabbit IP phone system is engineered to make things easy for you with only one purpose. It can integrate with your current CRM system and only improve your productivity. Simply connect the Yabbit IP phone system to your internet network and watch it do wonders for you.

  • Enjoy the new way to conduct online meetings through Yabbit’s award-winning video-conferencing application that combines high security and easy to use interface to improve how you communicate with people.
  • Gain control over your employee’s performance related to customer service and communication by having access to the Yabbit IP phone systems data analytics tool. Managers can gauge the weak points in their staff members by having data on things such as speed of answer or response time, average call time, employee idle time and much more.
  • Forget about messy installations and the cost of training your staff for new hardware. The Yabbit IP phone system is as easy to use as they come. Employees can use their mobile phone number on the IP phone system and get a separate number only for work, no matter where they go.
  • Get rid of the costly handsets and the hardware systems, and the maintenance expense as the Yabbit IP phone system only requires a device such as computers or smartphones and an internet connection to get the ball rolling for your business’s communication efficiencies. There is no need to hire expensive IT experts to help manage the IP phone system.

Bring the change your organisation needs!

According to studies, over 75% of people are willing to return to a business that respects its customers and provides a memorable experience. Customers expect to get assistance and speedy service, and an organisation with Yabbit’s IP phone system is sure to demonstrate that they respect the customer’s time and experience.

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