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You may think that all IP phone systems are the same, with the same offerings, features, and functions. While we hate to tell people they are wrong, we have an obligation to let you know that IP phone systems and the right IP phone provider can make a big difference to you and your business.  

We would go so far as to say that working with the wrong provider could be detrimental to your business. After all, poor customer service agents failed to answer customer questions 50% of the time, according to consumers polled by Harris Interactive. Working with the wrong provider can have a huge negative effect on your bottom line if they aren’t offering great customer service.  

 Here at Yabbit, we not only treat you like family and put you first, but we also offer a fantastic IP phone system as well. Below, we will touch on just a few features that make our IP phone system great.  

IP Phone Systems: Affordability 

We want you to get yabbering. That’s why we made our IP phone system affordable for all. We don’t want the price of handsets and cabling to stop you from having the phone system you deserve.  

Our IP phone system can be operated through a softphone, PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, so there is no need to waste your money on unnecessary equipment. With a trusted internet connection, you’ll be able to access your solution.  

Because we want you to have an accessible solution, we have ensured that our mobile app is top-notch. When you use your mobile app on your mobile device, you will have a collabonection hub! This hub ensures that all the features available to you in the office are now available on your mobile device. You will be able to transfer calls, receive voicemails, and so much more all in the palm of your hand.  

IP Phone Systems: The Struggle is (NOT) Real 

You may be used to seeing maintenance workers, IT specialists, or specialized workers when adopting a new phone system. Yabbit’s IP phone system is so easy, that none of that is necessary.  

If your office utilizes Wi-Fi, your phone system will work from anywhere. This is especially true if your workers choose to use the Yabbit app on their mobile devices.  

Training to use Yabbit’s IP phone system is simple as well. The intuitive solution makes needing several panes of glass unnecessary. This means your workers will have a streamlined and easy transition to our IP phone system when the time comes.  

IP Phone Systems: Scale Away  

As an IP phone system administrator, you will love Yabbit’s solution as well! Our phone system allows you to have complete control over your IP phone system. Gone are the days when you would need to schedule a maintenance call and wait days or weeks to add new users. You will be able to add or remove users with the click of a few buttons.   

Along with easy scaling, the administrator’s portal allows you to set call rules, receive data and metrics, and communicate seamlessly with employees. Your collabonection hub allows your workers to truly collaborate like never before.  

You Can Rely on Yabbit   

Over here in our burrow, Yabbit wants to see you succeed. Success is reached through a variety of steps, but having a reliable and easy-to-use IP phone system is one simple step you can take right now. Yabbit’s IP phone systems offer reliability you can count on.  

We store (y)our data in many locations. This means if one location goes down, loses power, or is unusable for a period of time, your information and your system will be safe and will operate correctly.  

When you’re ready to join the Yabbit family, take a trip down the Yabbit hole and give us a call. Once you’ve joined our burrow, we will help you migrate to our IP phone system and build a relationship with you that you can count on! 

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