Utilize VoIP technology in your business to reduce costs and increase revenue

Savvy business owners need to look closely at money-saving opportunities in the day-to-day running of their companies to ensure that profit margins are as high as possible. However, they should avoid compromising quality at the same time. To cut costs, a voice-over IP phone system (VoIP) can be installed in place of your traditional telephony system without compromising service quality. If you already own a voice-over IP phone system (VoIP), you may still be able to use it more effectively and efficiently to save money.

Listed below are some of the ways that VoIP technology in your business can assist in reducing costs and increasing revenue

Reduce the cost of software subscriptions

VoIP phone systems come with various advanced features. With all these features combined, there may be no need for several software subscriptions to be purchased. Usually, VoIP systems come with a virtual assistant that will be able to answer your calls when you are not available. There is no doubt that adding a Virtual Assistant to your VoIP system is a cost-effective way to save money compared to a typical subscription service, and you can save plenty of money.

Spend less time and save money on administration

With VoIP phone systems, you can integrate your CRM system and automatically share information between your CRM and voice-over IP phone system (VoIP). Doing this will automatically add any new information to your CRM, ensuring that your team always has the most current information at their fingertips. Automating this process will save you a lot of money on administrative staff. The customer service staff can update addresses, etc., right in their VoIP systems without repeating this process and manually entering data.

Online monitoring of call costs

It is well known that the cost of calls is one of the biggest expenses for many businesses. To support your customers in foreign countries, your employees may need to be on the phone regularly. If you are using a traditional business phone system, then, in that case, you may find that your business calls are beginning to creep up in cost as you make international calls or deal with customer enquiries regularly. As a result, you will decrease your profit margins as the cost of calls rises. With voice over IP phone system (VoIP), you can call anywhere in the world for a low rate since calls are made over the Internet, eliminating the connection costs and complex fees.

Reduce maintenance and hardware costs

With a traditional phone system, it is necessary to purchase hardware whenever you recruit a new employee. In addition to the hardware you will need, you will also be required to install a line for them, which can be very expensive. The main benefit of voice-over IP phone system (VoIP) from Yabbit is that they operate over the Internet, so there is no need for additional hardware, and new employees do not have to install a phone line to use them. Instead, your staff can connect to your voice-over IP phone system (VoIP) using their internet-enabled smartphones, laptops, or tablets.

With remote access, hire temporary staff

During the holiday season, you may need to hire extra staff to handle the influx of customers that come your way. In most cases, when a company hires temporary staff, they will have to purchase a desk phone, a computer, and a lot of other expenses related to onboarding them. Nevertheless, with voice-over IP phone system (VoIP) technology from Yabbit, an organization can hire talented employees from anywhere in the world, and they can be connected to the company’s phone system without having to incur any expenses.

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