How Your Ip Phone System Will Ensure You Never Miss A Call Again

If you miss a business phone call, you might miss out on important details and opportunities you would want to know about beforehand. For startups, it is increasingly important to make sure that no calls are left unanswered. If missing calls and important messages is frequent, then there is a good chance that the person or client might not call again. Hence, it is important to make use of IP phone systems to avoid such problems in your business. Your reputation can’t be maintained if you’re always viewed as someone who never answers their phone or replies to messages. Using IP phone systems, you can make sure no call goes unanswered or is missed again.

Find me or Follow me 

Most people use this if they worry about missing important calls, especially when they step out of their offices or put their phones on silent. The follow me or find me feature is one great way to avoid missing out on calls, as VoIP service producers offer it. IP phone systems like these are of great help to consumers, and through this feature, a list of numbers is called to build a ringing sequence to help find you and give you the message you missed. This feature is amazing for people who get a lot of calls and those who are managing businesses.

Simultaneous ring 

This is another feature offered by IP phone systems, which includes all the incoming calls directing to your phone numbers, e.g. your office phone, home landline and even your cell phone, at the same time that it rings. This helps many users get the message whether you are at your office or not. Turning on this feature and using it helps people from missing important calls and messages that they would rather want to be given on time.

Call group 

Companies tend to offer this to employees of a certain department, mostly those who share duties and similar functions. This call group feature is in the IP phone systems, and it tends to be extremely beneficial for work and non-work purposes. Any message, deadline or extension can be reached to anyone in time. All the incoming calls through this feature are directed to the list of extensions provided in sequence. Hence, one can make sure that important calls aren’t missed in any case. 


This feature in the IP phone systems tends to help you answer calls that you can’t answer yourself. This acts as a virtual receptionist. This is a useful and cost-effective way to automate the incoming call process, as the auto attendants are customized and can reach your call and give you the message at any time. You won’t have to worry about missing out on important information or details.

Yabbit is a place with all ears, as everyone is heard. The yabbit streamlines everything a gives you an all in one tool that you would find beneficial. It tends to help change how you look at the customer interface and Telco experiences.


IP phone systems are a great advancement in technology, as you wouldn’t have to worry about missing out on information that is important to you, especially when you’re nowhere around your work phone. You can rest assured that all-important information has reached you in time.

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