Why Is The Landline Finished For Businesses?

According to reports and research, the landline might become extinct or become less used by November 2028. This is because the new analysis predicts that business numbers have taken a great fall in a year. In 2008, around 8 million landlines were used in the UK’s workplaces and offices. However, now there has been a major drop. Here are a few reasons why landlines are finished for business and IP phone systems have taken over.

There won’t be a risk of having missed calls

Due to less usage of landlines and more IP phone systems, there won’t be any missed messages. Business owners can’t or won’t be able to stay in their offices all the time, as they would have meetings and clients to attend, due to which there is a possibility of important calls being missed or not reaching the voicemail.

Clients would want to get directly in touch with you instead of reaching your answer machine and a full voicemail. Hence, IP phone systems have started to operate better and become more convenient for businesses.

Landlines aren’t as reliable as wireless networks

The IP phone systems or the wireless network tends to be more reliable, as you would have a cellphone or mobile phone with you all the time and you could answer or convey important messages right away instead of waiting to go back to your cabin check-in. Hence IP phone systems have made life much easier, and businesses need to use such innovation.

Moreover, through virtual phone systems and IP phone systems, you can use your technical support whenever you need it, especially when there is an unlikely problem in the server. You can focus more on running your business instead of focusing on how many calls you would have to answer back when you go to your cabin.

Customers and clients prefer communicating through email or text

Due to IP phone systems and virtual phone systems, text and email have become more useful than ever. Instead of using a landline to answer a query or talk about an issue, it is always good to text or professionally emails about it. Emails can be sent and received through the IP phone system easily, at any time and place, which doesn’t call the need for a landline anymore.

Employees feel comfortable in using phones rather than landlines

When you have employees sitting at their desks and working, you would see they are in the middle of multitasking, which involves answering emails and at the same time answering texts and queries about any issues going it. The IP phone system helps better multi-task ways, as multiple issues can be solved at once. An employee won’t be bound at the desk for a phone call and can work on the phone while getting other tasks completed.

Yabbit has introduced a way to change the way many people look at the telco and customer interface experiences. It offers a cloud-based communication system for businesses, which tends to help and increase productivity greatly.


As the world develops and there is an increase in innovation, businesses have to have a dynamic environment to adapt to the innovations in technology. Hence, landlines must be old news, especially when a business operates multi-tasking. IP phone systems and virtual phone systems have helped businesses save time and operate through multi-tasking.

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